An artist’s homage of loyalty and solidarity on National Day

Prominent Qatari artist
Abdelsalam al Qadi introduced three distinguished artworks on the occasion of the Qatar National Day using the amazing swarovski crystals.
His first artwork was a portrait of the Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, where he used some of the finest, glittering crystals in 67 different colours, all adding more dimensions and beauty to it.
Al Qadi said the gradient black and white colours in the portrait reflect the stability of Qatar’s position led by HH, and commemorates the statement of the founder of Qatar, Sheikh Qassim bin Mohammed al Thani’s: “As long as it is proven by our deeds”.
Qadi’s unique artworks have been displayed at several prominent landmarks in Qatar including the Sheraton Doha Hotel and the Amiri Diwan. His works will now hit the international arena with an auction in Istanbul slated soon for his artworks.
Besides, Qadi recently unveiled his latest artwork, the “Dome of the Rock”, wherein he used more than 45,000 crystals making it the largest artwork of its kind in the world.
“I am planning to auction this portrait in Turkey soon and donate the revenue for the families of the martyrs in Palestine,” Qadi said.
Qadi started his career in this rare kind of art after learning its techniques and has produced several artworks, some of which portrayed members of the Royal Family in Qatar.