19 May 2018 – 9:48

Sheikha Alia: Qatar committed to partnership with international community to maintain peace and security

Print screen of a video shared by Ambassador Sheikha Alia Ahmed bin Saif Al Thani on social media.


New York: The State of Qatar has reiterated its commitment to fulfilling the international obligations dictated by its partnership with the international community to achieve the goals and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations, stressing that maintaining international peace and security is a shared responsibility and requires States to make the utmost efforts to find just solutions to common challenges.

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This came in a statement delivered by Qatar’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, HE Ambassador Sheikha Alia Ahmed bin Saif Al Thani, at the official meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss “strengthening international law in the context of the maintenance of international peace and security”.

Sheikha Alia highlighted steps taken by Qatar, which reflect its commitment to the international community’s agreement, promoting understanding and dialogue, promoting  values of tolerance and cooperation, combating  extremism and terrorism, reducing impunity and holding accountable perpetrators of mass crimes.

She referred to Qatar’s documented efforts to reduce tensions and prevent and resolve conflicts by peaceful means, which had achieved successful results that had been appreciated by the Security Council. She added that current and emerging threats to international peace and security were growing in the absence of compliance with the obligations under international law.

The Ambassador noted that international law and the institutions concerned with the imposition of the obligation reflected the will of States, which was the presence of international and international judicial institutions established by the international community, which had enriched, recognized and respected international law.

The Ambassador stressed  the importance of adhering to the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, deterring violators of international law, ensuring respect for the sovereignty and security of States, prohibiting the use or threat of force in international relations, respecting the right of peoples to self-determination, and to work towards their settlement by peaceful means in accordance with the provisions of Chapter VIII of the Charter.

In this context, she referred to the suffering of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, saying that while the Security Council was dedicating this meeting  to promoting respect for international law, the unarmed Palestinians in the Gaza Strip suffer  during their peaceful and legitimate protest were flagrant violations of international law, reiterating Qatar’s condemnation in the strongest possible terms.

In view of the seriousness of the violations committed by the Israeli occupying forces and the importance of complying with the provisions of international law, the State of Qatar calls upon the Security Council and the international community to assume its responsibilities to protect Palestinian civilians based on the relevant international instruments, she added.

Concluding, Ambassador Sheikha Alia Ahmed bin Saif Al Thani reiterated the commitment of the State of Qatar to working  together and cooperating  with the partners in the international system to implement the provisions of international law and to meet common challenges and to support the mandate of the Security Council in the maintenance of international peace and security.