Pedestrians in the Doha city are complaining that doors of shops in some of the streets of the city hamper their movement as the streets are very narrow.

Problems are caused by the doors of the shops which open towards the street, as customers going into such shops or coming out inadvertently end up blocking the way of some pedestrian as they have to push or pull the door towards the street.

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Things sometimes take an ugly turn when the opening or closing doors hit the pedestrians. Many people are now calling on the municipality authorities to remedy the problem by putting regulations in place which outlaws the installation of such door which open towards the streets, whereas others are suggesting that shops should install sliding doors.

Although, it is understandable that old buildings were equipped with such doors, however, people point out that buildings that have been newly built possess the same kinds of doors.


Buildings that have been recently renovated also possess the same doors, which open towards the pavements.

It is only a matter of time before an innocuous looking thing such as door opening becomes the cause of a major altercation in the market, although most of times people tend to overlook it as nobody does it deliberately, but sometimes someone may just be having a bad-day and this incident may just tip him or her over the edge and result in a massive altercation, which could otherwise have been avoided.