Arrests made at anti-Conservatives protest in London

An anti-austerity demonstration in London has ended in scuffles with police and 17 arrests. Protestors took to the streets following British Prime Minister David Cameron’s re-election.

What began as a peaceful demonstration on Saturday ended in violent confrontations, with 17 people arrested and several police officers injured. None of the injuries were reported to be life-threatening.

Scuffles broke out near the gates to Downing Street, the location of the prime ministerial residence, between lines of police and demonstrators. A London police spokesman said only a few of the several-hundred demonstrators took part in the clashes.

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Amid the protests, a derogatory message against the Conservative Party, calling them “Tory scum,” was sprayed in red paint on a memorial to the women of World War Two. On Twitter, people who identified themselves as having taken part in the protests condemed the vandalism and violence and said it took the focus away from their message – the impact of Conservative spending cuts. One woman’s placard read “health cuts equals (sic) suicides.”
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Source News: DW