Anonymous Plans April Fools Surprise for Donald Trump

A group of Anonymous claiming to be responsible for the hack which took down Turkeys internet last year has announced new plans for a massive DDoS campaign to be launched against Donald Trump on April, 1 2016. The group has released a video, prepared a memoir and put together a list of websites for all who are interested to target.

As a contributor for Anonymous news I feel it would be unethical for me not to place a warning in with this type of posting. Usually when an attack occurs people do not go out and announce the exact date and time to the public weeks in advance. Make no mistake Donald Trump will be aware of this event now and you can bet the NSA and the Secret Service will be particularly interested in monitoring all the internet activity on these sites April 1st. Understand, the group of Anonymous who took out Turkey are the elite of the elite hackers. If you do not know what you are doing, do not know how to hide your IP or cover your tracks and you participate in this attack you will be caught. Just remember to stay smart and stay safe. And most importantly it is illegal. So we do recommend you, not to participate in these attacks.

This operation comes in coordination with OpTrump which has for the most part dominated the headlines of Anonymous news the last few months.

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