Chuck Todd Finally Has Enough Of Trump, Loses His Sh*t And Calls Out The Lies (VIDEO)

It looks like Chuck Todd may have actually earned his salary this week, making no less than 9 minutes of Meet The Press Sunday morning worth watching. In a phone-in interview with Donald Trump, Todd took The Donald down the road to reality, smacking him upside the head with the facts. Trump’s insane claims of Muslims cheering in New Jersey as the Twin Towers fell was too much for Todd, who explained to him in no uncertain terms, and at times in a very loud voice, that it never happened.

Trump, of course, refuses to back down, because apparently to him the images that came from areas that preach radical forms of Islam in the Middle East and into Africa and Asia look just like New Jersey. He even added some dimension to it, calling the “parties” that happened in the Muslim community “tailgating,” conjuring images of hundreds “maybe even thousands” of cars lined up to grill hot dogs and watch the horror as if it were a sporting event.

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