David Cameron talks devolution, EU referendum in victory speech

In his first public statements since securing a Conservative victory, Prime Minister Cameron has reaffirmed his vow to reexamine EU membership. The PM also promised devolution to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

David Cameron used the first speech since his Conservative Party emerged victorious in the UK general election to reiterate his promise to hold a referendum on Britain’s EU membership and focus on his party’s “manifesto for working people,” highlighting social issues in contrast to negative stereotypes of his party as pro-business and out of touch with the working class.

After the traditional meeting with the Queen, David Cameron and his wife Samantha returned to their residence at Downing Street, where Cameron took the opportunity to thank his former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats for the “success” of their five-year coalition, which had “laid the foundations for a better future.”
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Source News: DW