Fidel Castro breaks silence on change in Cuba-US relations

Retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro has seemingly lent his support to Cuba’s talks with the US. In a letter read out on state television, the revolutionary icon said, however, that he does not “trust the US.”

Fidel Castro’s statement, which was broadcast on Monday, addressed his longtime adversary for the first time since current Cuban President Raul Castro and his US counterpart Barack Obama announced on December 17 that they would restore diplomatic ties that broke off in 1961.

“Any peaceful or negotiated solution to the problems between the United States and the peoples or any people of Latin America that doesn’t imply force or the use of force should be treated in accordance with international norms and principles,” Castro said in a statement.

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“We will always defend cooperation and friendship with all the peoples of the world, among them our political adversaries.”
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Source News: DW