John Kerry: anti-‘IS’ coalition ‘can do better’

Coalition talks have wrapped up in London, with US diplomat John Kerry announcing that “IS” had been partially beaten back in Iraq. Kerry and other politicans warned that the fight was far from over, however.

At a meeting of the members of the US-led coalition against the self-styled “Islamic State” (IS) terror group on Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry praised the gains made by more than 2,000 coalition airstrikes, and by Iraqi ground troops. More than 700 square kilometers (270 square miles) have been retaken from “IS” in Iraq, Kerry said, while admitting that the coalition “can do better” at hemming the militants’ flow of funds and foreign fighters.

Kerry added that the struggle might be a long one, but said Iraq should not worry – it would be able to purchase the weaponry needed to finish the job. A large delivery of US-made M16 rifles would be arriving “very, very shortly,” Kerry said.
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Source News: DW