Open talks between intellectuals can contribute to GCC-Iran dialogue, says scholar

IT is important to maintain a healthy dialogue between scholars and academics in the countries of the GCC and Iran, even and especially in the current tense political situation between the two sides, according to the Director of the Centre for International and Regional Studies (CIRS), Dr Mehran Kamrava.

Speaking at the conclusion of a roundtable on Iran-GCC Dialogue organised by CIRS, Georgetown University in Qatar’s flagship research institution, on Wednesday, Kamrava stressed the need for such a dialogue, especially in the current charged political environment.

“I think it is important for scholars, intellectuals, writers, poets, literary figures, social figures, political figures, academics, basically men and women of letters to speak to one another, so that they can provide an important context,” he explained.

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He added,”What is important is that forums like this shape context. In other words, ultimately, forums like this are important, as they can influence instruments and institutions of power.”

The day-long meeting brought together distinguished scholars and academics from Iran and neighbouring countries to explore historical, religious, cultural, social and political ties between the States of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Iran.