US Congress narrowly averts Homeland Security shutdown

In this photo taken Feb. 25, 2015,, the Homeland Security logo is seen during a joint news conference in Washington. (AP)

The US Congress has passed a one-week funding extension for the Department of Homeland Security. The vote came just hours before the department faced a partial shutdown.

US lawmakers late on Friday voted to fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for an additional week amid a proxy battle over President Barack Obama’s immigration reforms.
The approval of the one-week funding bill narrowly avoided a partial shutdown of the agency, which is responsible for securing the country against terror threats and for border control.

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The extension was put forward by the Senate as an emergency measure after Republican House Speaker John Boehner, under pressure from his party’s right wing, refused to allow a vote on a comprehensive funding bill cleared by the Senate earlier on Friday.

Conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives were angry that the measure did not include amendments sought by fellow House Republicans to block President Barack Obama’s immigration executive orders protecting millions of illegal immigrants from deportation.
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Source News: DW