Qatar Airways will announce record profits when its results are revealed later this year.

Qatar announced a net profit of $439 million in 2016, three times the amount it reported the previous year.

qatar airways

CEO Akbar Al Baker said the Doha-based carrier will announce its profits when they are revealed, and said US carriers can have full access to its accounts.

“We will soon be announcing record profit. It will the highest profit Qatar Airways has ever made,” Al Baker revealed.

“The people from Delta, American Airlines and United will be able to see our balance sheet and will see our audited accounts, so they cannot make any more excuses that we are subsidised or we are getting handouts like they get from the cities that operate, by getting tax exemptions and fuel subsidies,” he added.

He accused the big three US airlines of bullying the US president with their lobbying.

“I have repeatedly mentioned that President Trump is a very wise individual and very a good businessman and I don’t think he will buy in to bullying by the three American carriers,” he said.

“The three American carriers do not represent the United States; they only represent the three American carriers. We create jobs, we buy American; we invest in the United States.

“They don’t operate into the network we operate into from United States. They don’t serve the foreign diaspora that lives in the United States.”