At least 10 people were injured today as a result of a series of explosions at a toy factory in Sakarya, western Turkey.

The governor of the city, Mr. Cetin Kilderm, said that at least 10 people were injured (in an initial toll) as a result of a series of explosions at a fireworks factory in the city … adding that “according to the information we received from the owner of the factory, there were between 150-200 people inside the factory” at the time The accident occurred according to local media.

“This is the largest factory in Turkey and we estimate that there are 110 tons of explosive fireworks in its warehouses,” Calderm continued.

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CNN Turk broadcast footage of a huge column of smoke rising from the site of the explosion, noting that successive explosions were heard 50 km away from the factory, causing panic among the local residents, many of whom took to the streets , Thinking that what is happening is an earthquake.

For his part, Mr. Kerem Konik, President of the Turkish Red Crescent, called on the citizens near the factory site to close their homes and close the doors and windows.