Ministry of Public Health today announces the registration of 13 new confirmed cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in Qatar. This brings the total confirmed cases to 562 in the country. Qatar also have announced 43 cases of recoveries.
Some new cases are related to travelers who came to the Qatar and others to contacts. The new cases have been put into quarantine and are receiving the necessary medical care.
The Ministry of Public Health stressed the importance of following basic preventive measures including washing hands frequently and properly or using hand sanitizers regularly.
People are also strongly advised not to touch their nose, mouth and eyes outside the home, to avoid visiting the elderly and not leaving the house except for when absolutely necessary.
People should also avoid shaking hands or kissing, and keep a distance of not less than one meter (3 feet) from other people, especially people who have symptoms.
The Ministry also recommended that people visit its website or the Government Communications Office website to find out the latest developments, reliable information and data on Corona virus (Covid-19).