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“Open pr” website published a report in which it talked about the development of cybersecurity systems in many countries of the world, including Qatar, which has made clear progress in this aspect over the past few years, thanks to the great interest that the responsible authorities in the state give to this sector and their tireless work. To develop and incorporate it in various entities regardless of the nature of their occupation, including the tourism sector, which is among the most important pillars on which the most powerful economies are built today, given the major incomes that would return to countries active in cybersecurity in various continents of the world, Expecting the continuation of the focus on the advancement of this aspect in Qatar in particular, referring to its clear trend towards strengthening tourism within it through a group of important projects in various regions.

The report expects that the rate of growth in cybersecurity in the tourism sector in Qatar and a group of other countries, including: Turkey and Malaysia, will reach 15% in the next two or three years at the latest, given the importance of this field in the tourism work and its responsibility to protect digital information related to Tourism, as a result of the increasing use of cloud computing and big data, in addition to artificial intelligence and social media, which led to a doubling of the risk of cyber attacks on everything related to the tourism industry, from sites and applications active in this field, to information and study under the banner of advancement Tourism and increase the number of visitors coming from various capitals.

The report pointed to the efforts made by Qatar to support its economy with new sources of income, tourism is at the forefront, thanks to the many projects in all parts of the country, or other studies and plans expected to be completed in the next phase, which calls for doubling the work to strengthen security systems. Cyber ​​tourism, in order to avoid falling into the trap of cyber attacks that would harm the future of this sector in Doha, which is expected to achieve great prosperity in the next few years thanks to the mighty work done by the government in this aspect, whether in terms of infrastructure or on the one hand Facilities provided for individuals to access Doha in the most comfortable circumstances.

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The report considered Qatar one of the countries most interested in the cybersecurity sector and the fastest in achieving growth in it, based on many data that it has collected with great accuracy, starting with collecting data from various sources related to the technological systems market in Doha, and studying it very accurately by relying on analytical tools. Modern, and then comparing it with what is happening in other countries aimed at strengthening its cyber defense systems, noting the distinctive infrastructure that Qatar has in this sector, stressing its operation with the latest technologies used at the international level.