In a bizarre incident, a 16-year-old Indian boy killed a nine-year-old boy after chopping his body into six pieces, then ate his flesh and drank his blood.

Deepu Kumar from Punjab had gone missing last week, according to The Times of India, and his beheaded body was found a day after the missing report was filed.

The heart was recovered by the police from a school compound.

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The accused has been arrested, the news report said.

Both the accused and the victim are children of migrant labourers living in the same area. Police said that after killing the boy, the accused, who is a class VIII student, came home and behaved normally. He even cooked food for his father as his mother was away in Chandigarh with his elder brother.

Police solved the case after identifying the boy on CCTV footage from the area, where Deepu was seen with the teenager.


Police then detained the accused, who later confessed to killing the boy and also eating his flesh. The accused told the police that he had a grudge against the school and wanted to defame the institution.

The family of the accused told the police that he was fond of eating ‘raw fresh flesh’ of animals and, on several occasions, had also chewed his own skin, the officer said.

He said that investigations of this “sensitive case” were under progress. The weapon used in the crime was also recovered.