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Simply Wall published a report in which it talked about the development of the industrial sector in the country during the past few years, through the increase in the number of active factories in various fields, where the number of factories currently exceeded more than 900 factories, with a percentage increase of 17% compared to 2018. Emphasizing the investors ’keenness to launch these new factories to work in all fields, instead of focusing on a specific specialization, which played an important role in creating a balance in the economy, and also clearly contributed to supporting the local market and moving it towards achieving the goal of self-sufficiency for the country, through accreditation On national goods, complementary to their counterparts coming from foreign countries, especially Turkey.

The report indicated that the new plan for industry in Qatar is focused on a group of sectors, which the state needed to advance in view of the large amount of imports that it was adopting in order to cover the needs of consumers in the country, pointing out that food industries as well as manufacturing come at the forefront of these sectors, Emphasizing that the conditions are greatly improved and different if compared to what they were five to six years ago from now, as the new factories active in these two areas are considered a major resource for the local market, and a true competitor to the external factories, which years ago were considered the first supplier to the Qatari market. .

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The report expected the Qatari industry to continue moving forward during the coming period, taking advantage of the successes achieved by the new factories, which will give more confidence to Qatari businessmen or other foreigners, in order to enter the world of industry in Doha, describing the local market for the industry as fertile and available on Many opportunities, which will return important profits, whether for the investors themselves, or consumers who will find themselves in front of a rich local market, will offer them many options in a way that will even lead to a decline in prices in the country, given the law of supply and demand, which confirms that Availability of products in large quantities proves the financial value of the merchandise offered.

To confirm what the report stated, Al-Sharq polled the views of a group of businessmen who proved the reality of the development of the industrial sector in the country, revealing that the rate of development of industry in Doha may exceed the number provided by the “Simply Wall” website, which determined the increase in growth in the current year by seventeen. Percent compared to what was the case two years ago from now, announcing the increase in local factories to the volume of their production during the last period in which they reopened after a period of closure that lasted for many months, estimating the rate of increase in production by about 30%, which will directly contribute to increasing the share of presence National products in the local market during the coming period, calling for more support with regard to workers’ housing, as well as electricity.

While some of them believed that despite the growth achieved by the industrial sector in the country, we remain required to strive more in order to be able to achieve continuity that is in line with Qatar’s future vision for the year 2030, calling on the authorities responsible for the industrial and commercial sector to facilitate the process of exporting products. In order to enable it to obtain new markets in various countries of the world, especially as it provides high-quality goods that are able to compete externally, which will double its income in a way that encourages it to expand more in terms of production, adding to this the need to frame investors and direct them to the lesser sectors This will increase the diversity of our products and reduce the percentage of imports, which puts the country on the list of its future goals.

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Speaking to the East, businessman Shaheen Al-Mohannadi said that the development of the sector in the country over the past few years has become a reality on the ground, thanks to the success of investors over the past years in entering the local market with a group of high-quality products, saying that the rate of development of the sector may exceed those he talked about. Simply Wall, referring to the large amount of national goods at various retail points, especially after the launch of the gradual opening-up plan aimed at getting out of the crisis created by the new Corona virus with the least possible losses, which led to the return of Qatari factories to work in a much stronger way. Than it was in the past, as these factories were able to clearly double their production from June to the current period, estimating the percentage of their production increase in the last three months by 30%.

Al-Mohannadi expected that the local factories will continue moving forward in the future, in all respects, whether it comes to the volume of production or the quality of the goods they offer, referring to the great government support that these factories received in order to gain more prominence, calling on the responsible authorities in this sector to provide more Of aid to investors, on the level of two important entities, the first is related to employee housing, where factory owners suffer from the problem of finding housing for workers in areas outside the industrial city, which imposes additional costs on them, which calls for the need for officials to intervene to support them by creating residential neighborhoods in production areas, Adding to that, facilitate administrative procedures and expedite their clearance, after the authorities in charge of this sector went to run it in a purely electronic way.

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For his part, businessman Ali Al-Ansari confirmed everything that the report stated regarding the growth of the industrial sector in the country during the recent period, which is evident through its great contribution to financing the local market, and fulfilling the needs of consumers through high-quality products, stating that the current situation calls for Thinking about the next stage, which is expected to witness the emergence of national products in foreign markets, by exporting them to capitals near Doha at the beginning before heading to other countries, indicating that success in this mission requires that the authorities responsible for the commercial and industrial sectors provide more support to facilitate Export operations, especially with regard to administrative procedures that must be faster than they are currently, as well as in terms of fees that must be reduced for factory owners who complain about this particular point, stressing that reducing these fees will contribute significantly to promoting national products outside Qatar, based of course on the quality markQatar, which will raise the value of our goods away from Qatar.

Al-Ansari added to that the necessity of framing the investors, especially the beginners, who must bear the responsibility of the existing bodies from the industrial and commercial sectors to direct them during the coming period to the less active areas, explaining this by referring to the existence of the size of factories sufficient to achieve self-sufficiency in some areas, which calls for work during the period Coming to benefit from the money of new investors in areas that are so conservative to the point of the possibility of success in them, which will create diversity in the national industry and avoid us focusing on one sector without the rest.