The Qatar Charity (QC) Centre for Community Development for expatriate Asian communities in Qatar, Friends Cultural Centre (FCC), organised more than 50 events, including educational, cultural, sports, recreational activities, empowerment programmes and Ramadan projects, for workers and low-income people, children and those with special needs in 2019.
These initiatives benefited some 25,000 people, QC said in a statement.
FCC, by organising these activities, aimed to teach the participants – both male and female – communication, speaking, reading, writing and leadership skills, provide handicraft training and strengthen relations among different expatriate Asian communities residing in Qatar.
In the educational field, FCC held many courses and training workshops, which included the Toastmasters course aimed at promoting communication, public speaking and leadership skills, a sewing course for women, an Arabic-language course for men and women, a Qur’an memorisation course for people with special needs, an art and handicraft course for students, and a karate course for children’s health development in addition to many courses for women.
During 2019, these educational courses benefited a large number of people, including men, women, children and those with special needs.
Within the framework of cultural events for the year 2019, FCC organised many activities to discuss books written by Asian expatriates in Qatar, nurture talents in participants and involve children in planting trees, in addition to organising visits to Qatar University and labour camps. Some 3,000 people participated in these activities, in addition to the Asian School Fiesta, which witnessed the participation of nearly 3,500 students from primary, preparatory and secondary schools, providing them with a great competitive platform in various educational and cultural fields, the
statement noted.
More than 1,500 people, including men, women and children, participated in a number of events and activities that were held to mark special days such as International Women’s Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Teacher’s Day and World Diabetes Day.
Activities organised by FCC on these international days aimed at educating people about significant international issues, mobilising resources to address global problems and celebrating and promoting
human achievements.
FCC also celebrated Qatar’s National Sport Day 2019 with the participation of nearly 1,000 men and women.
Further, FCC organised collective Iftars for the Indonesian, Indian, Filipino, Malaysian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities, in addition to some Arab and European communities, during the holy month of Ramadan last year. Some 7,000 people from these communities benefited from Ramadan Iftars and accompanied cultural programmes and
FCC also participated in disturbing food baskets during Ramadan to the Pakistani community, benefiting 100 persons belonging to low-income families.
Besides, FCC took part in distributing winter aid, food supplies, drinking water, and t-shirts to workers, food baskets, Udhiya to low-income families, and medical eyeglasses to children, in co-operation with the Aster Medical Centre, in addition to school supplies to students, benefiting some 6,000 people.