Stomach pain, or more accurately, abdominal pain, is pain or discomfort that one feels in the area between the chest and the hips. Since the abdomen contains many different organs such as the liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys, pancreas, urinary bladder, and gall bladder, diseases or infections that affect them can cause pain in the stomach area. However, there are conditions affecting other organ systems that can cause pain there too.

Experiencing abdominal pain, especially when severe, should be referred to a doctor at once. The location (where the pain is felt) and the kind of pain, described as localized (felt in a specific area), cramp-like, or colicky (waxing-and-waning), help doctors narrow down the possible causes, allowing them to come up with the proper treatment to ease it.

Here are 30 of the most important causes of abdominal pain in people.

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