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Within the framework of the global companies ’race to reach an anti-Covid-19 vaccine, the announcement by the” Johnson & Johnson “pharmaceuticals group, last week, of the suspension of clinical trials on its experimental anti-corona virus vaccine, made the issue of the date of vaccine readiness blurred and ambiguous.

How many vaccines are scientists currently working on?
The World Health Organization is currently pursuing the development of 196 vaccines, including 42 vaccines that entered the phase of clinical trials on humans, and eight vaccines, in the third phase, where they are being widely tried to test their effectiveness, according to the British newspaper, The Guardian.

Readiness date
and on the readiness of the vaccine, Kate Bingham, the head of the working group on vaccines in Britain, said: “There is a” small chance “that the vaccine will be ready by Christmas. But it is likely to be late until early next year,” according to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

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In the course of work on a vaccine against Corona, and after approval of the use of the vaccine, the stage of its distribution to all countries of the world comes, which faces many obstacles, perhaps the most prominent of which is the great need for the vaccine, the manufacture of hundreds of millions of doses, as well as the issue of transporting it in a way that maintains its cold, which is what Effective methods must be devised to preserve the activity and effectiveness of the vaccine, while transporting it from the country of origin, according to what the Economist magazine reports.

With regard to getting the vaccine, the priority is usually for the most vulnerable groups, including the elderly, people who suffer from chronic diseases and health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and others, or for people who work in places where they are at risk of infection, such as hospital workers.

Regarding the return of life to its first life, a report issued by a number of researchers at the British Royal Society revealed that life will not return directly to normal after the vaccine is distributed, but rather the restrictions imposed must be gradually eased, because the effective distribution of the vaccine may take about a year. According to what was quoted by the new Arab.