The number of passengers passing through Hamad International Airport increased 30.3% year-on-year, official data showed yesterday.
The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics has released the 36th edition of ‘Qatar; Monthly Statistics’ which offers detailed statistics on Qatar.
The total number of arrivals reached more than 1,662,000 passengers during December 2016, while the total number of departures totalled more than 1,693,000 passengers, recording an annual rise of 14.9% and 15.4% respectively.
The demographic statistics show that Qatar’s population reached more than 2.5mn at end of December 2016 compared with about 2.4mn in December 2015, an annual increase of 7.3%.
The total number of births reached 2,198 in December 2016, whereas the number of deaths reached 217.
There were 347 marriages and 118 divorces during December 2016.
Traffic violations reached 178,565 during December 2016, a monthly decrease of 2.3% compared with the previous month. The total number of new vehicles registered reached 7,259 in December 2016. The figure shows an annual decrease of 29.6% compared to December 2015, where the total number was 10,317.
Total broad money supply (M2) recorded about QR498bn during December 2016, showing a monthly increase of 1.9% compared to November 2016.
On the other hand, cash equivalents (including deposits) accounted for QR727bn during December 2016, a monthly increase of 5.2% compared to November 2016 which recorded about QR691bn.
In contrast, total broad money supply (M2) recorded an annual decrease of 4.6%, while cash equivalents (including deposits) recorded an annual increase of 11.8%.