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The trade surplus in favor of Qatar with Japan recorded last August 55.19 billion Japanese yen, equivalent to 522.90 million dollars, according to the monthly report of the Japanese Finance Ministry issued yesterday. The outbreak of the Coronavirus has placed more pressure on commercial dealings between the two countries, especially with the failure to fully return to economic activity, and fears of the second wave of the outbreak of infection, in addition to the decline in global consumption. And pressure on the trade surplus, Qatar’s exports to Japan declined last August by 54.3% at 61.06 billion yen, equivalent to 578.51 million dollars, compared to 133.59 billion yen, or about 1.27 billion dollars, in the same month of the previous year.

On the basis of imports, Qatar received from Japan 5.89 billion yen, about 55.80 million dollars, down 47.6% from its August 2019 level of 11.18 billion yen, about 105.93 million dollars. Last month, by 49.8% at 272.88 billion Japanese yen, equivalent to 2.59 billion dollars, compared to 543.29 billion Japanese yen, about 5.15 billion dollars, in August of the previous year. In general, the trade balance of Japan turned last August to a surplus of 248.29 billion yen, about 2.35 billion dollars, compared to 152.21 billion yen, about 1.44 billion dollars, a deficit in the same month of 2019.