The number of new driving licences issued in the country increased by 58% in September compared to August 2020, according to newly released statistics.
A total of 6,171 licences were issued in September, up significantly from 3,906 in the previous month, the latest edition of the Qatar Monthly Statistics Bulletin showed.
The number of traffic violations also increased at a monthly rate of 6.1% in September, while it decreased by 5.7% annually. There were a total of 145,168 violations in September as compared to 136,774 in August 2020 and 153,863 in September last year. Overspeeding (radar) accounted for the highest number of violations in September at 100,947, with a monthly increase of  8.1% compared to August 2020.
A total of 459 traffic accident cases were recorded in September, showing a monthly increase of 13.6% compared to August 2020 (404) and an annual decrease of 15% compared to September 2019 (540). Minor injuries accounted for the vast majority of traffic accidents cases in the same month at 397 cases (87%), followed by major injuries at 52 cases (11%). Ten deaths were also recorded, accounting for 2% of the total traffic accident cases.
Meanwhile, the demographic statistics revealed that the total population of Qatar was 2.72mn at the end of this September, compared to 2.75mn in September last year, according to a press statement by the Planning and Statistics Authority.
A total of 2,600 live births were registered in September 2020 and there was an increase in the total Qatari live births by 20.9% compared to the previous month. On the other hand, 216 deaths were recorded in the same period.
Moreover, September 2020 experienced a monthly decrease of 12.6% in marriage contracts and a monthly rise of 29.2% in divorce certificates. The total number of marriage contracts was 417, whereas the total number of divorces reached 230 cases, the statement added.