QATAR Charity (QC) implemented more than 598 relief projects in 34 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe at an estimated cost of QR340 million in 2019, benefiting more than 8 million people in places affected by crisis and disaster.
Q’s humanitarian intervention included comprehensive relief, basic winter needs, food supply, shelter, education, social cohesion, livelihoods, protection, health, water, sanitation, training, and capacity building.
QC’s assistance in the field of comprehensive relief, which covers all the needs of beneficiaries immediately after the occurrence of disasters and crises, occupied the largest percentage of aid in terms of beneficiaries and cost. This assistance worth more than QR83 million benefited more than one million people in 16 countries going through exceptional circumstances, such as Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan and Myanmar.
The food projects worth more than QR81 million benefited 2 million people whereas health projects worth over QR63 million helped nearly 4 million people.
The basic winter needs were estimated at more than QR29 million, while the water and sanitation as well as education projects were valued at approximately QR15 million and QR14 million, respectively.
Syria received the largest portion of the assistance provided by QC in 2019 in various fields of humanitarian intervention due to the worsening situation of the Syrian displaced and refugees. The aid worth overQR168 million benefited three million Syrians.
The humanitarian interventions of Qatar Charity in Yemen, Somalia, and Myanmar was valued at over QR37 million, QR23 million and QR21.3 million,respectively.
In the field of comprehensive relief, nearly 700,000 people living in Syria and the countries of asylum benefited from projects estimated at QR34 million, followed by Somalia with 132,000 beneficiaries of projects worth QR13 million. In the same field, there were 110,000 beneficiaries in Sudan, while 80,000 people in Myanmar benefited from this assistance valued at nearly QR11 million.
Qatar Charity provided food aid worth QR81,272,570, benefiting nearly 2 million people in 27 countries worldwide.
The food assistance included distributing food baskets to the affected people in Yemen and Syrian refugees in Lebanon, in addition to implementing food projects in Ethiopia, Kosovo, Sudan, Iraq, Palestine and other countries.
In the field of health, 76 projects worth more than QR63 million were implemented, benefiting about 4 million people in 18 countries, including approximately 1,200 beneficiaries in Bangladesh and 1150 beneficiaries in Palestine, while the projects implemented in Syria amounted to more than QR35 million.
Health projects included building hospitals and health centres, strengthening health system to improve access to health care services for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, treating the poor in India, deploying medical convoys for the poor in Burkina Faso, and providing emergency medical assistance in Yemen, in addition to other health projects implemented across the globe.
QC has also implemented educational projects worth more than QR13 million, which included sponsoring refugee students, maintaining schools, extending educational support to Yemeni children and providing free education for refugee children returning from Tabata camps and residing in Kamsayo.