Continue to suspend home health services and physiotherapy except for long-term contracts

The Department of Licensing and Accreditation of Health Care Facilities of the Ministry of Public Health issued a circular regarding the second phase of the gradual lifting of the precautionary restrictions of the new Corona Virus 2019, which is directed to all private health facilities in the country.

It includes a set of guidelines and conditions for work during the second phase of lifting precautionary restrictions, which are summarized in the continuation of work in private health facilities in all specialties, provided that the percentage of occupancy in health facilities does not exceed 60% of the capacity.

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The circular confirms the continuation of the suspension of home health services in various medical specialties such as physiotherapists, daily nursing except for nursing services provided through long-term contracts, while adhering to a package of instructions at all times, receiving auditors from only through the pre-appointment system except emergency departments Critical situations.

In addition to allocating a time period of no less than 30 minutes for each auditor with each doctor or therapist, allowing the auditors to attend the physical facility five minutes before the allotted date, checking the infection index from the Covid-19 virus through applying precaution to the auditors and employees, checking the temperature for the auditors and staff When entering the health facility, allow auditors to wait inside the health facility, provided that the space allocated to each reviewer is not less than 9 meters, while maintaining a distance of not less than two meters between each reviewer and another.

It stresses the commitment to use a protective face mask for all auditors and workers, to provide full protection to the health world when conducting interventions that cause droplets for spraying such as dental, nose, ear, calves, eyes, etc., commitment to physical spacing during the provision of medical service and maintaining a safe distance except for reasons of detection and treatment interventions, commitment to standards The Ministry of Public Health in fighting infection by constantly cleaning the examination rooms and surgical intervention rooms, using single-use tools and disposing of them immediately according to the standards of the Ministry of Public Health, adhering to the directives of the Ministry of Public Health regarding the health of workers in the health facility and the need to follow up on their health status.