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The Primary Health Care Corporation announced its second partnership with Droobi Health Company, whereby digital health programs will be provided to people with type 2 diabetes or at risk of developing chronic diseases. This partnership comes after a trial that was conducted in 2019 with 500 patients from Rawdat Al-Khail and Al-Abib centers of the Primary Health Care Corporation using the Droobi Diabetes Management Program, as the initial results of this pilot project showed improved clinical outcomes for patients such as reduced cumulative blood glucose stores and weight loss. .
The renewal of the partnership comes as part of the primary health care corporation’s continuous efforts to support diabetes patients at risk during the Corona pandemic and help them proactively manage this disease through the Virtual Diabetes Clinic. As a result of this initiative, 59% of high-risk diabetic patients at PHCC have received a phone consultation from their family doctor, and Droobi Health will be used to support this group of patients by helping them with diabetes self-management, lifestyle changes, Access to health coaches who are experts in diabetes management and experts in nutrition, more than 70% of Qatari citizens are overweight, 12% suffer from diabetes, and many of them are looking for clinically effective and scalable solutions to help them manage their chronic condition and improve their general health.
Those eligible to use the program will be guided and assisted with type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, pre-diabetes or obesity-related diseases, to have a tailored experience for them, including a detailed consultation and explanation about the Droobi program. Participants will follow their progress and receive personalized recommendations and initial information from certified diabetes health coaches via an in-app chat. The program also includes interactive educational lessons and a tailored action plan for each individual according to their needs, to help them build long-term healthy habits to achieve their goals.
In this context, Dr. Samia Al-Abdullah, Executive Director of the Primary Health Care Corporation, said, “The Primary Health Care Corporation is committed to finding innovative solutions to support its patients in the community, especially during this period of the ongoing epidemic.” One of these solutions, she added, is widely recognized that patients with diabetes are considered to be at greater risk of developing complications if they contract the Coronavirus. Therefore, Droobi Health will enhance the efforts of the Primary Health Care Corporation to support and protect the most vulnerable groups of society. “