78% of Qatar Employees Would Leave Their Current Company for Better Training Opportunities

According to a recent ‘Career Development in the Middle East and North Africa’ poll conducted by Bayt.com, the region’s number one job site, a lack of career development prospects can radically make or break employee engagement.

On one hand, career development is of utmost importance to professionals in the MENA – even if it means rebooting their whole lives or taking their careers in a totally different direction. In Qatar, 81% of respondents say that career development is very important. In parallel, 62% are prepared to move to another country to develop their career while another 59% are willing to change sectors completely.

The study found that, while a total of 59% of Qatar job holders want to attain higher level positions, over one third (28%) have never had a promotion in their current company. An impressive 72%, however, have. Another major takeaway from the survey is that 29% strongly think that there is equal opportunity for advancement at their company; likewise, 30% strongly claim that job promotions are awarded fairly and without bias.

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In addition, 48% of working professionals in Qatar are satisfied with their current career development; another 47% admit that they are satisfied with the quality of orientation and training that they have received thus far. Also, 69% of those surveyed (in Qatar) believe that their organisation boasts the capabilities to cross-train their employees and teach them new skills. Perhaps more noteworthy is that 58% affirm that their organisation’s training and development opportunities are explicitly linked to the company’s overall strategic direction.

Interestingly, 32% of Qatar respondents state that their company is more attractive than other companies in terms of career development. An overwhelming portion (78%) also say that would leave their company for better training opportunities.