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 Kuwaiti security sources revealed that the Ministry of the Interior has arrested a gang consisting of 3 people from the Indian community specialized in granting medical licenses to government workers and companies from Asian and Arab residents in exchange for sums of money to be divided between them.

The security sources said that the detectives in the General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigation obtained, through their investigations, information about the identity of one of the gang members, and sent him a confidential source who asked him for a 3-day sick leave, and the accused agreed to complete it for 30 dinars (less than 100 dollars). He specified the time and place to deliver the transaction and receive the money, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas.

 The newspaper added that at the specified time, the accused attended, and the source of the mabahith handed over the medical license signed with a forged seal belonging to one of the doctors, and received the numbered mabahith money, and then they applied him. 

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The sources also indicated that the defendant guided his two partners, and they were arrested and referred to the investigation office, and they all admitted that they had obtained 14 forged seals for doctors in various specialties and health centers in the Ahmadi and Furawaniyah governorates from a Bengali resident who left the country more than a year ago. 

The defendants admitted that they had collected large sums of money over the past period, and their confessions were documented, and they were referred to the Public Prosecution.