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Qatar Airways filed a lawsuit in the UK High Court against Al Arabiya in connection with Al Arabiya’s posting of videos in August 2017; It illustrates the impact of the illegal blockade on Qatar and Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways said on its website that: “The Supreme Court in the United Kingdom issues a judicial response in favor of Qatar Airways against Middle East News, MBC, and Al Arabiya News Channel, and that a video clip broadcast by Al Arabiya includes graphics simulating a Qatar Airways plane being intercepted by Before a military combat aircraft with the intent to shoot it down in the context of the unjust and illegal blockade on the State of Qatar.

 The aforementioned video was watched widely in the United Kingdom and around the world, and the clip sparked a wave of condemnation in the media. Where the British newspaper “Daily Mail” commented on the clip as a warning to blow up a Qatari airliner in the sky. The British newspaper, The Independent, described the video as “more than a provocation.”

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Qatar Airways believes that the clip was wrong and misleading and aims to frighten customers from traveling on Qatar Airways flights, and that the section in question is part of a series of publications broadcast by the concerned channel for political motives and hostility to the State of Qatar.

 Despite the allegations made by Al Arabiya, the court judge found that Qatar Airways had indeed demonstrated that it had the ability to prove that the video clip was false and / or conveyed false impressions, and that the video in question was spread in bad faith and with intent to harm the interests and reputation of Qatar Airways.

Al Arabiya has challenged the jurisdiction of the UK Supreme Court, claiming that the Dubai courts will be more appropriate to hear the case.

In a 130-page judicial decision issued by the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom on Friday, November 6, 2020, the court confirmed its rejection of Al-Arabiya’s request to challenge its jurisdiction to hear the case, as the ruling came after relying on extensive evidence and a hearing that lasted 3 days.

The judge categorically rejected the arguments presented by Al-Arabiya TV and claimed that Dubai courts would be more appropriate to hear the case, citing the impact of the blockade and the “hostile environment for Qataris in the United Arab Emirates.”

Commenting on the court’s decision, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways Group, said: “Qatar Airways is protecting its operations from such kind of false and politically motivated allegations, and we were confident that the UK Supreme Court would triumph in justice. We welcome this decision, and consider it an important step for Qatar Airways in its pursuit of ‘justice’.