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Al-Qabas newspaper published the story of a Kuwaiti named Faisal Al-Amiri, who in 1994, at the age of 14, invented a “drone” plane, but he did not document the invention, which was the first of its kind at the time, as he was informed that his invention was forbidden for security reasons. 

Al-Amiri says that his innovation was at the wrong time, as Kuwait was still affected by the brutal Iraqi invasion, and there was a fear of photographing military places. 

He also stressed that the absence of culture in documenting innovation also had a role, adding that he sometimes felt remorse for that, as this invention has many uses and generates millions of dinars commercially.

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 Al-Amiri pointed out that his friends did not understand the idea of ​​a camera in a drone, but he insisted on the idea and succeeded in making it and filming through it, but unfortunately it did not see the light.

Remote-controlled drones have become a major security challenge for many countries due to the possibility of their use in threatening national security by hostile parties or saboteurs, as well as their use in espionage operations on vital and sensitive places in the country, as well as drug smuggling operations. Fears of its use in disrupting air traffic and endangering the lives of passengers when colliding with airlines.