A Luxury Company Is Looking for People to Stay in Lavish Homes Around the World for $2,550 a Week

After each stay, the luxury home testers will submit an 800-word report to HushHush.

HushHush Luxury Marketplace Application for "Luxury Home Testers"


It’s official: 2020 is just around the corner and if you discover that you haven’t made much progress with your goal to travel more, you can start putting that plan into action with the help of HushHush. The luxury online shopping marketplace is looking for “Luxury Home Testers” to stay in lavish properties around the world and earn £2,000 ($2,550) each week. Yes, this is a real job.

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Based in the U.K., HushHush calls itself the “Amazon for millionaires” and offers a selection of high-end fashion, home décor, cars, helicopters, jets, and real estate. The property listings range from £462,250 ($589,350) to £81,046,350 ($103,330,850), and with these kinds of price tags, it’s essential for them to ensure wealthy clients are getting only the best of the best, which is where the luxury home testers come in.

Successful candidates will have the chance to visit 10 to 15 destinations throughout the year, including a luxury château on the French Riviera, a 25-bedroom Spanish villa, an oceanfront home in Florida’s exclusive Ocean Reef Club, and a 14,000-square-foot mansion in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.


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But the role entails more than just living like a millionaire: After each stay, the luxury home testers will submit an 800-word report to HushHush assessing the location, accessibility, style, comfort, and suitability. Luxury home testers will ultimately approve the standards before the property is listed on the market.

“Due to an influx of properties for listing on the website, we need a luxury home tester to get on top of the growing stack of approval requests,” Aaron Harpin, HushHush.com founder, told Insider. “The ideal candidate will have experience visiting or staying in luxury properties and will be able to demonstrate their ability to write compelling reviews.”

It’s important to note that the chosen individuals will have short travel notices, but all travel expenses will be covered. So, if you think you have an eye for detail and you’re a strong writer, you can apply on the company’s website letting them know why you have what it takes to be a tester—and then hopefully start living the high life.