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The struggle of the security and intelligence services of Al-Sisi rages inside Egypt, coinciding with the elections for the House of Representatives, as the former Egyptian journalist and parliamentarian, Abdul Rahim Ali, left the country as soon as he learned of his defeat in the House of Representatives elections.

According to sources, Abdul Rahim Ali fled to Dubai, according to “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”, following the circulation of audio leaks for him recently.

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated an audio leak of a phone call by “Ali” with his son-in-law, Counselor, Majed Mounir, in which he talks about that he is above the law and that no one can hold him accountable, even Sisi.

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“Ali,” who is close to the country’s security services, said: “Al-Sisi (the Egyptian president) himself cannot refer me to the prosecution,” threatening that he has documents that imprison all those responsible.

Abdel-Rahim Ali is the editor-in-chief of the “Al-Bawaba News” website, and is known for his links to security agencies in the country.

Later, “Ali” published a video clip, in which he accused the “Brotherhood” of “fabricating the diversion”, and linking it to the parliamentary elections in an attempt to bring him down, he said.

Ali lost his seat in front of businessman Muhammad Abu Al-Enein, who swept the poll indicators in the districts of Giza, Dokki and Agouza (near the capital).

Preliminary indications also confirmed the defeat of “Ahmed Mortada,” son of the president of Zamalek club, “Mortada Mansour”, while the run-off is taking place in the second seat in the circle between the candidate of the “Future of the Nation” party, “Zaki Abbas”, and the third-place holder, MP, “Montaser Riyadh Hajjaj.”

The Egyptian Attorney General did not issue any statement regarding the leak of “Abdel Rahim Ali”, in the midst of a conflict between security and intelligence services inside the Egyptian state, which was evident in the recent leak, and before it the leak of the Egyptian Minister of Information, Osama Haykal.

Abdul Rahim Ali presented a TV program called “The Black Box”; To attack Sisi’s opponents, the activists of the 25 January revolution, and the Muslim Brotherhood.