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The Directorate of Moral Guidance at the Ministry of Defense reviewed the capabilities of the Emiri Air Force, including fighters, helicopters, and military transport, in a video broadcast on the ministry’s website on Twitter.

According to the video, the slogan of the Emiri Air Force is always: “A nation we do not protect, we do not deserve it.” The video revealed the offensive capabilities of the Al-Adiyat Fighter Squadron.

Our air forces have the latest attack fighters from the Al-Adyat “Rafale” combat aircraft, which have special capabilities and are able to carry out multiple tasks, as they can engage 8 targets simultaneously and are equipped with an advanced targeting device to direct smart munitions, and a radar that can track 40 targets at one time. In addition, Al-Adiyat has an air-to-air refueling system, the ability to maneuver and hit targets with high accuracy.

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The video also reviewed the squadrons of Sejil combat helicopters.

Over the past years, the Amiri Air Force has undergone a complete modernization, and the Rafale (Al-Adiyat) fighters have entered into service with multiple defensive and offensive missions, as well as the Apache helicopter, which was called “Sajil”, and the F-15 “Ababil” fighter as well as the “Thairat” Typhoon, which are among the fighters. Also newly joined in our air force.