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Driven by its efforts to foster innovation, MasterCard has entered; In partnership with Qatar Development Bank to develop the financial technology sector through the Qatar Financial Technology Center; Which provides an integrated technology system to support the growth of local and international financial technology companies in the State of Qatar.MasterCard works closely with the financial technology community in Qatar through the Qatar Financial Technology Center, with the aim of promoting innovation and increasing the adoption of digital payments in the country. Entrepreneurs, experts, regulators and investors in the financial technology sector to develop innovative technologies and accelerate the formation of an integrated financial technology ecosystem. The center’s partners and startups also benefit from MasterCard technology, expertise, products and services, providing them with the tools to continue their growth.

This partnership identifies the companies involved in the MasterCard StartPath Global program for startups, and enables the startups that join the Start Path program at the Qatar Financial Technology Center to enter the market, to achieve mutual benefit. The award-winning MasterCard StartPath program aims to help startups by mobilizing a wide network of innovators from around the world to reshape the future of commerce. Startups also benefit from the experts, technologies, and channels within the MasterCard Global Network. Since its inception, the program has witnessed the participation of more than 200 startups and financial technology companies, which collectively made investments worth $ 2.6 billion after the program, in addition to entering into partnerships with the most important international banks and prestigious institutions.

We aspire to provide a model platform that helps early and mature financial technology companies develop the financial services industry and make a global impact. We hope that MasterCard, through its vast network of startups, its experience in enabling digitization and its in-depth knowledge of the market, will give us the opportunity to shape the future of fintech in Qatar and create additional opportunities for the growth and development of digital payments. “