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In unfamiliar footage of the president famous for his ruthlessness and decisiveness, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un fell in tears, in front of a military crowd in the presence of a large number of civilians, during a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of the ruling party in his country in the capital, Pyongyang,

Kim appeared affected when talking about the difficulties the country had gone through, such as natural disasters and disease prevention, declaring that his country had “zero” cases of the Coronavirus. According to “Yonhap” News Agency

Kim cried, saying, “I feel ashamed that I was not able to properly reward you for your great confidence (…), my efforts and dedication were not sufficient to bring our people out of their difficult living conditions,” adding: “Above all, I am very grateful to all of our people who are healthy.” Good and sound. ” 

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He was forced to lower his glasses due to crying, while video footage published by North Korean media showed the military and civilians being affected by his word and crying.

For its part, the British newspaper “The Sun” said that the North Korean leader shed tears during a rare speech, during which a new huge missile was announced during a military parade in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, and experts said that the new missile will be one of the largest that is carried overland.

Kim Jong Un boasted during the speech that North Korea was free of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), and the US “CNN” news network reported that Kim Jong Un cried while bragging about this.

The unprecedented military parade attended by Kim Jong unveiled a new ICBM, and also witnessed the presentation of long-range missiles for the first time in two years.

The display also revealed the Hwasong-15, the longest-range missile North Korea has been testing, and it appears to be a new ballistic missile launched from submarines.