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Dr. Abd al-Latif al-Khal, head of the National Strategic Group for Responding to COVID-19 and Head of the Infectious Diseases Department at Hamad Medical Corporation, said that the Ministry of Health will provide Coronavirus vaccination for all residents of the State of Qatar, indicating that the State of Qatar has sought to secure quantities of vaccination over a period of weeks and months without As against because this is important for individual, public and community health.

In an interview with Qatar TV this evening, Monday, Dr. Al-Khal said that the Ministry of Health is making great efforts to try to obtain the vaccine as soon as it becomes available and to obtain precedence in this through contracts concluded with the producing companies.

He added: So far, there are very good indications, one of these companies that the Ministry of Public Health has signed an agreement with, which is Pfizer, it is very possible to have its vaccine approved at the end of October or in November by the official authorities that approve medicines and vaccines.

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Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Khal explained that if the vaccine is approved based on the results of clinical trials that are now being conducted on 44 thousand people in a number of countries of the world, and if it is proven effective and safe, then it will be approved and exported to several countries, including Qatar .. We hope in the State of Qatar to start By obtaining the first quantities of the vaccine at the end of the year or early next year.

And the head of the infectious diseases department said that the ministry has contacted pharmaceutical companies known for their distinguished products in initial trials, and that their medicines are safe and effective. Until now, discussion is continuing with a number of companies, and other agreements will be concluded.

On the availability of the vaccine in the beginning, Dr. Al-Khal said that Pfizer will produce 100 million doses, and this production will go to many countries, and it will produce one billion doses in 2021, and the doses will be quotaed at the beginning, but we in Qatar will buy the vaccination from several parties on the basis of providing Vaccinate as soon as possible and in the largest amount possible.