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Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Yami, Director of the Human Resources Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs said that one of the most prominent features provided by the National Employment Platform “Cadre” for job seekers is the ability to register and follow up on the application in addition to obtaining a non-work certificate. He added in an interview with Al-Rayyan TV: The National Employment Platform receives “cadres” registration and CV creation processes for citizens looking for work in the government and private sectors. The platform launched by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs aims to facilitate the process of searching and communicating between job seekers and employers.

Amidst an increasing turnout by job seekers, the National Employment Platform “Kawader” has begun to receive registration processes and create CVs. The national platform launched by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs aims to provide the opportunity for citizens to obtain jobs that match their specialties from among all the jobs available in the country. In the government and private sectors, the platform allows the registration process and the creation of a CV by logging in to the national authentication system and then moving to the researcher’s data page, where the researcher’s personal data must be verified in the system with the availability of the rest of the required documents and the practical level and experience specified, and the researcher can view the available jobs And run for her through the platform, get acquainted with the latest developments in the newly added jobs, set the date of the interview, and follow up on the latest candidacy procedures.

The employers, through the “Kawader” platform, are represented in checking the applications of candidates for jobs, direct selection of job seekers who meet the requirements of filling the offered job, and entering the results of the personal interview of the candidates with acceptance or rejection through the same platform.

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Register and follow up

Al-Yami said: The launch of the platform comes to everyone between job seekers and the parties involved in employment, and one of the advantages of the platform is that it provides researchers with the ability to register and follow up on the request. The platform issues a letter of non-work in a government agency and provides several services to job seekers. Researchers through the platform must refer the request to the competent administration, study it, and other services, and it is considered the link between the researcher and the employers, and the platform has provided several services and facilitated a lot as the agencies list jobs through the platform and the researcher registers and looks at the jobs listed by the authorities.

Registration is done through official entry to the website of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, and access to the “Cadre” page. Through this page the researcher will move to the national documentation system, where the researcher registers and then completes the CV on the platform and the registration process.

How to register in “Kawader”

After entering the Ministry’s website and from there to the “Kawader” platform, the researcher will be transferred to the national authentication system, and the phone number must be in the name of the job seeker, so that after completing the registration, the CV is transferred and the application is sent and it is transferred to the competent team in the administration to study the request and after To obtain the approval, the researcher is notified by a text message that he will receive via his mobile phone.

And now the opportunity is only available to register job seekers and in order for the largest possible number of job seekers to be able to register through the “Kawader” platform, then jobs are listed through the national platform and obtaining a job is based on the needs of the authorities, and the new on the platform is that there is an electronic directive so that we have Matching is based on academic qualifications and experiences, and the researcher will get jobs that suit his experiences in the public and joint sectors, and if the match results are 100%, then the researcher will find a suitable job opportunity and there are gradual jobs and the researcher will find that there is a job, but the percentage of obtaining it is very weak due to the lack of match and the program therefore The application will be rejected because the job has certain conditions.

4,800 jobs

We have 4800 jobs that will be listed through the platform and in the previous system, the job was accommodating 3 job seekers, and now the researcher has the right to apply for one job only and the researcher has the freedom to choose the job that suits him and the most appropriate is chosen and the response can come with acceptance or rejection, and the researcher has the right to apply again and after Nomination of the researcher The request is directed to the body that in turn studies the request and gets to know the researcher’s data, experiences, and scientific qualification, and if it is appropriate, he is invited to conduct a personal interview through the platform and the researcher has 3 dates that can be set for conducting the personal interview. It takes about two to three weeks to respond to the job seeker with acceptance or rejection. In the event of acceptance, the job seeker must go to the agency to complete the appointment procedures, and then the medical commission, evidence and criminal information to complete his appointment procedures, and if there is a rejection by the entity, the researcher is notified of ThroughThe platform and the reasons for rejection are clarified, and if the researcher rejects the job offer, he must have a specific reason and there is a specialized team that communicates with the job seeker to find out the reasons for his rejection of the job.

As for the job seeker who occupies a current job, a request is studied for those who are at the top of their work, but the priority for a job seeker who graduates from universities and public high schools and the Ministry is currently looking to study the request of the employee who is still in his work.