Bilal Rashid 

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With the intensification of the crises, Abu Dhabi proves that its policy is not based on principles or ideals, but rather a kind of confusion, randomness and pragmatism, so that it has mastered and mastered in changing its positions and turning against its allies, but it did not know that moving from one policy to another and from one situation to another requires a certain level of Expertise and cunning, along with reading the scene calmly and intelligently, and this is what Abu Dhabi and those who use in the media to express its positions, as they mastered raising noise and the constant fluctuation of their positions on media screens and social networking sites.

The academic advisor to the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Abd al-Khaliq Abdullah, is an example of the rapid shift in attitudes and the contradiction in statements beyond description. In less than 24 hours, Abd al-Khaliq made contradictory statements regarding the American elections, which shocked the reader in a state of astonishment at first glance, as they carry with them great contradictions And, clearly, the state of self-transformation is evident, to win the award for those who change their positions from time to time according to new data and break the record with the speed of contradiction and change of compass.

Night words erased by day

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After Abdul Khaleq tweeted at night crying and crying about the current US President Donald Trump being late in the presidential elections in the states in front of his Democratic counterpart Joe Biden, describing him as Biden’s victory in the event he would be weak, dull and unconvincing, saying: “If the Democratic candidate wins, then his victory is weak, dull and unconvincing. Persuasive, and President Trump has the right to be upset, angry, and resort to the judiciary.

To return after a few hours and ignore his first tweet of the day and start drumming Badin, which polls show his progress in the elections, as Abdul-Khaleq tweeted in which he described Biden as a wise man that America and the world need after four difficult and unconventional years.

This is not the first time that Abdel Khaleq has made contradictory statements and changes his positions, after he was one of the most vocal opponents of the UAE and Arab countries signing an agreement with Israel, and after years of attacking everyone who approaches Israel, in addition to being the owner of a fierce electronic campaign against the promoters to sign the agreement. With Israel, he returned, in clear contradiction and an apparent reversal of beliefs, to lead the campaign to promote the Emirati-Israeli agreement last August, which sparked a wave of ridicule and criticism against him, especially after defending himself through justifications that increased the frequency of mockery of the pioneers of social networking sites.

Abdul Khaleq said in one of the welcoming and marketing tweets of the agreement: “The UAE’s decision comes within this historical context, which made reconciliation and normalization a historical inevitability, like clockwork, unquestionable and irreversible, after seventy years of the Arab-Israeli conflict, claiming that“ it is out of the question. Israel “It is not possible to liberate Palestine, no matter what the prosecutors claim otherwise.”

He also published an article entitled: “The inevitability of normalization and reconciliation with“ Israel ”in the United Arab Emirates, in the Gulf and in the Arab world, in which he described the normalization decision as an“ amazing decision, ”reviewing the reasons that led bin Zayed to take this step, saying that the circumstances make“ reconciliation with Israel a historical imperative. ” And normalization is imposed on all Arab countries.

The right-wing pro-Trump newspaper, Israel Hayom, quoted an Emirati diplomat, describing him as high, as saying that “our eyes are on the elections in the United States. We wish Trump won, but we are preparing for the possibility of a new president entering the Oval Room in the White House. Noting that Trump’s election campaign obtained millions of dollars from Muslim supporters of Trump and his policy in the Middle East, and many reports indicated that the UAE feared losing Trump in the elections because this would harm its position and negatively affect its regional ambition.

Finally, Abdul Khaleq must keep remembering that the UAE is turning against waves every period and another and that its policy is based on the ebb and flow of turning against the friend before the enemy, and that no matter how much he tries to satisfy bin Zayed by various means, it is possible at any moment that he will be thrown into prison because of his tweet or A statement as it happened in 2017.