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Dr. Abdel Wahab Al-Musleh, Advisor to the Minister of Public Health for Sports and Emergency Affairs, explained the expected date of arrival of the first batch of the Coronavirus “Covid-19” vaccine to Qatar, the groups that will have priority and the effectiveness of the vaccine.
Dr. Al-Musleh said during the Council’s program on Al-Kas channel yesterday evening, Sunday: The demand is much more than the offer in the world, but Qatar has guaranteed the purchase of vaccines for all the people, God willing, but it will come gradually.
He added: The first batch will come before the end of this month and be given to the elderly and those with chronic diseases who are on the first lines to confront Corona who deal every day with Corona patients … and in January, February and March, it will gradually be given to the rest of the public, God willing.

About the dose and the effectiveness of the vaccine, Dr. Abdel Wahab Al-Musleh said: The vaccine is two doses, the first vaccine that will come is the Pfizer vaccine .. It is given in two doses, 3 weeks apart.

In response to a question about whether vaccination will be optional or compulsory ?, Dr. Abdul Wahhab Al-Musleh said: There is nothing compulsory with regard to vaccines anywhere in the world, but in many countries and Qatar there are requirements from some quarters that you have vaccinations, for example stadiums I expect you will not You can enter only after getting the vaccine .. and travel as well, adding: Until now the evidence shows that at least the vaccine will be effective for 9 months and it may be more, but until now the results of the vaccines have not been shown very much and they are recent, but they will be effective, God willing.

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