Kabul – Qena

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Today, the Afghan authorities announced that 20 Afghan army soldiers were killed in an attack by armed men in the Bala Block district of Farah province, in the west of the country.

Mr. Gul Ahman Faqiri, a member of the local council in Farah region, said in a statement to the Afghan news agency Khama Press that militants linked to the Taliban carried out the attack yesterday evening near a highway linking Herat and Kandahar in the region of Kansak Province / Pala Block /.

Faqiri added that the attack resulted in the killing of 20 Afghan army soldiers and the families of 10 others as hostages, after the militants took control of a security point in the area, noting that the militants also seized a large number of weapons and ammunition of the Afghan forces.

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The Afghan official noted that the militants also suffered heavy losses during the clash with the security forces, without giving details or specific numbers in this regard.
The Taliban did not comment on this news yet, according to Khama Press.