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Saudi media reported, late on Sunday evening, that the Saudi writer, Saleh Al-Shehhi, had died after suffering from infection with the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19), two months after his release after his arrest since 2017.

And Saudi media revealed the death of Al-Shehhi after suffering that lasted three weeks since he was infected with the new Corona virus.

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Despite his arrest and imprisonment, Saudi media reported that Al-Shehhi took the reformist line in his various writings and media and tribal contributions, and writes a daily section on the concerns of the Saudi street.

Al-Shehhi was released from Saudi prisons last May, after his arrest since 2017.

And the account of the “detainees of opinion” on Twitter – concerned with the affairs of detainees in Saudi Arabia – that al-Shehhi died after suffering from the disease, in King Fahd Medical City Hospital in Riyadh, after about two months of his release.


And the account of the detainees of opinion held the Saudi authorities fully responsible for the death of Al-Shehhi, since since his release last May he was admitted to intensive care and remained in the hospital until he died shortly before, indicating that it has become clear that the authorities have released him to evade responsibility for He was physically and psychologically abused during detention.

Al-Shehhi was arrested in December 2017, on charges of insulting the royal court and it