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Indian billionaire “BR Shetty” said today, Saturday, that he intends to return to the UAE, and denied reports saying that he fled the country after the collapse of the “NMC” group under the weight of debts estimated at 6.6 billion dollars, according to Reuters.

Last April, Bloomberg revealed a “major corruption scandal” with Emirati banks and Indian businessman “BR Shetty” who obtained about $ 6.6 billion from these banks, amid talk of one of the biggest frauds in history.

An investigation of the program “What is hidden is greater” on the “Al-Jazeera” channel revealed leaks of correspondence between Shetty and the agent of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court, one of which was after his escape to India last February.

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The talks that took place between Shetty and the Emirati official included a secret message to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, about his departure from the UAE and the willingness of his son Binai and son-in-law, who are in the Emirates, to meet at any time.

The testimonies and documents obtained by the investigation revealed that BR Shetty “fled the Emirates days after attending a meeting to which he was invited from the office of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, at the Sea Palace.”

The investigation also revealed that Shetty was part of a network that manages companies and investments in favor of Mansour bin Zayed, brother of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, who is currently the deputy prime minister, and that this network has been associated with various investments inside and outside the UAE in several areas, including health, financial and real estate. As well as military.

Immediately after the program was broadcast, the UAE authorities arrested Pinay Shetty last July.

Observers of the case say that Shetty returned to the Emirates to try to save face, especially after the island revealed the hidden relationship between the Indian billionaire and the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and his brother, and after pressure to arrest the son.

“I traveled to India in February to be with my sick brother, who unfortunately passed away at the end of March, at a time when the spread of the epidemic around the world disrupted international travel,” Shetty said in a statement, according to Reuters, adding that reports about his escape “are further away. Be about the truth. “

But observers said that it was not difficult for Shetty to return, expecting that his return came as part of his silence on great corruption, especially since the man was close enough to the circles of government in the Emirates.

Abu Dhabi has always used the Indian billionaire in its dirty operations, including striking the Qatari currency during the unjust blockade on the State of Qatar.

Shetty says that the investigations he was personally commissioned to conduct revealed details of fraud in NMC Health, Finablr and other private companies owned by his family, which caused “great hardship for employees, disruption of suppliers and losses for shareholders, including me and creditors.”

He said he intends to return to the UAE, without setting a date, after he filed a criminal complaint in India to request an investigation with two former senior executives of his company and two Indian banks regarding the billions of dollars in the financial scandal that engulfed his group.

He added that he intends to support the UAE authorities “to correct any injustice that has occurred” and “to help find solutions to the outstanding issues.”

NMC was placed under administrative guardianship in April after months of disruption to its finances and the discovery that it had $ 6.6 billion in debt, which was much higher than previous estimates.

The office of Alvarez & Marshall, the relevant co-custodian of NMC, this month took initial steps towards legal action against NMC’s auditor Ernst & Young, in an effort to increase recoveries to creditors.

The financial scandal caused a terrifying economic shock to Abu Dhabi after major Emirati banks, including Emirates NBD and Dubai Islamic Bank, announced millions of dollars of exposure to NMC Hospital Management Company of hundreds of millions of dollars.

And social networking sites in the Emirates ignited after talking about the big fraud .. Academic Abdul Khaleq Abdullah, advisor to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi alluded to a major corruption operation, asking: How was a businessman able to deceive not one bank, but 12 of the largest banks in the UAE, and plunder $ 6.6 billion. How did this fraud and scandalous corruption happen? Where is the government, financial and security oversight ?! ..

“BR Shetty” defended himself, accusing a group of his managers of fraud, and his investigations revealed “serious fraud and irregularities committed in NMC, Fenbler and his private companies and against him personally.”

The “What is Hidden Greatest” program concluded that Shetty accuses entities in the Emirates of forging his signature, and of establishing fake companies in his name with the intention of fraud.

The UAE NMC Group’s debt reached $ 7.4 billion. This led to the placement of Emirati and foreign banks in bankruptcy.