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Qatar Airways welcomed the ruling by the International Court of Justice, which ruled the competence of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to consider any dispute, dispute, or complaint regarding the interpretation or implementation of the Chicago 1944 Convention and its Transit Agreement. 

In a statement on its website, the national carrier expressed its aspiration for the State of Qatar to continue its endeavors in Montreal (the headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization) in order to urge the organization to condemn the illegal air blockade on the State of Qatar and to take the necessary decisions and actions to compel the blockading states to comply Of its obligations under international law to restore matters to a normal share in the international civil aviation sector. 

In line with the ruling issued by the International Court of Justice, to establish the exclusive competence of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to carry out dispute resolution procedures in the complaint submitted by the State of Qatar against the blockading countries, the country assured that it will follow up on the case that had been filed to obtain appropriate compensation for what happened It has financial damages due to the blockade countries closing their airspace to the carrier’s flights. 

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She pointed out that these arbitrary and harmful measures taken by the four countries of the blockade against us have caused serious damage to our investment and development plans in these countries, especially when taking into account that our development program in these countries has continued for many years, and we planned it very carefully. 

She said: This blockade has deprived us of serving hundreds of thousands of travelers and transporting tens of thousands of tons of goods every year to all countries. 

She added: We at Qatar Airways believe that travel is a right for everyone, and that we all have the right to discover the world. 

The statement said that Qatar Airways will seek to take all legal and legal means in order to obtain full compensation for it and protect its rights and the rights of its customers.