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Ahmed El-Sayed, a member of the Arab Club’s Membership and Elections Affairs Committee, affirmed that the committee’s workflows well without any complications regarding the payment of contributions, indicating that the committee is present daily in the club and does its usual work well in all the details related to payment of contributions and obtaining membership and with very easy procedures and there is great cooperation between the committee And managing the club to pay the contributions and within twenty minutes a person can pay his contributions and receive his card.

As for the date of the general assembly of the Arab Club, he said that there is time to announce the date of the general assembly in a formal manner, and also to specify the date for opening and closing the candidacy door.

He added: The Committee for Membership and Elections Affairs is composed of his person in addition to Ahmed Hilal Al-Khulaifi and Hamad Ahmed Bujaber Al-Sulaiti, and they are ready to answer all inquiries regarding registration, membership and are present at the club, as well as their phone numbers, stressing that everything goes well for the payment of subscriptions, membership and other details related to With it, there are no obstructions or delay, and the door is open during the official working hours in the morning and evening, and it is the right of any person to come to pay and obtain the card.

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He said: Members have the right to pay through the Ministry of Culture and Sports website, and the club has created all the members ’data to facilitate the flow of procedures.

It is worth noting that the elections in the Arab Club will be entered by the list of His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Jabr Al Thani, the current president of the club for the post of President and Abdullah Juma Al Hitmi for the post of Vice President after Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Jabr officially announced this.

As for the second list, Najim Al Annabi and the former Arab, who previously held the position of Vice-President of the Football Authority in the club Abdulaziz Al-Sulaiti, announced that he officially announced his candidacy with Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Mal for the position of Vice President.