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The Turkish site Ahval said that Turkey imports more Qatari gas as part of its efforts to reduce the energy bill. The site stated in an economic report in which it reviewed the developments of the Turkish current account in August, as it recorded a surplus of $ 973 million, excluding energy and gold. To help reduce the bill, central bank data published on Monday showed, according to the report, that August’s deficit was the largest in four months, amounting to $ 5.2 billion due to reduced exports due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Qatargas previously signed a medium-term agreement with a company Turkish Potash to deliver 1. 5 million tons of LNG annually over a period of three years, and Qatar Gas, which is the largest LNG production company in the world, supplies LNG from Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Limited 2 to one of the three terminals EGGAS, Marmara and Itki LNG in Turkey. And Qatar previously provided immediate gas shipments to the state company, BOTA التي, which runs the Turkish pipelines. Qatargas ‘commercial relationship with the Turkish company, BOTA, developed from the stage of supplying immediate shipments to the signing of this current medium-term agreement, which strengthened the two companies’ relations and strengthened them through the supply of clean energy to Turkey.