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FITCO Holding launched the “own your project” initiative for the benefit of entrepreneurs and small investors who want to enter the business sector and expand in the areas of small and medium enterprises, with guaranteed profitability through the launch and launch of a series of specialized stores that sell detergents and its various tools. Where to apply for the initiative on Email and we will contact you immediately with those who meet the required conditions.


The initiative is to provide all kinds of goods to shop owners who have support and supply requirements that are met, and these requirements include the commercial registry, rent of a shop within 50 m 2 or more, and the store with shelves, air conditioning, and painting, and one worker at least, and a computer.

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On this occasion, Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al-Buainain, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fetco Holding Company, said that this initiative comes within the framework of responding to the directives of the rational leadership on the necessity of economic diversification and encouraging the local investment climate and supporting national efforts to support entrepreneurs and encouraging Qatari youth who have hobbies and investment initiatives to provide a commercial incubator in support of them, and find an umbrella Catering provides them with the materials needed to enter the field of business. Al-Buainain said in connection with the East that Fetco Holding will provide to all participants in the initiative and those who meet the conditions, all the required goods, as well as provide them with some facilities such as providing design for shelves, external board, bags and accounting program as a support from the company to entrepreneurs. Participants.

Dr. explained. Al-Buainain said that these stores will be filled daily and for free, and customers who communicate with the company directly or through electronic communication will be directed to these stores according to the geographical area and the spatial proximity of each customer, and this is a free service provided by the company to the participants in the initiative.

Continuing to talk about the advantages of this initiative, Dr. Al-Buainain emphasized that the most important characteristic of this investment is the participant’s lack of large capital. In spite of this, the expected return on capital will exceed 50% during the first year and will continue to increase during the subsequent years of the life of the initiative. The percentage of total profit on monthly sales will be around 30%.