Al Khalij Commercial Bank (Al Khaliji) has extended its support to Ehsan Centre, a Qatar Foundation for Social Work (QFSW) affiliate, under its ongoing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme and community outreach efforts that are focused on helping underserved segments and contributing to shared humanitarian missions.
Since its establishment, Ehsan’s charitable and voluntary work have focused on the provision of initiatives and programmes to empower Qatar’s elderly community, rally younger generations in their support and drive opportunities to strengthen social ties and interactions between them.
Over the years, Al Khaliji’s partnership with the centre has grown and strengthened through a number of donations, drives and activities in support of Ehsan’s charitable work.
Rana Ahmad al-Asaad, head of Personal Banking at Al Khaliji, visited Ehsan’s headquarters to extend the financial donation on behalf of the bank.
Commenting on the initiative, al-Asaad said: “Our elderly form the backbone of our society and community. They are the driving force behind all the progress our nation has accomplished to date, the heritage we carry forward, and the next generation of change agents in Qatar. It is nothing short of our responsibility and duty to duly recognise their sacrifices and honour them in return.
“This initiative is our humble attempt to express our appreciation and support for our elderly people, and praise Ehsan for all the hard work and commitment to ensure their well-being and rights are always protected – socially, physically and emotionally.”
Mubarak Abdul Aziz al-Khalifa, executive director at Ehsan, commended Al kKhaliji for its committed partnership and support toward its mission and vision, as well as its proactive role in initiatives and programmes for the elderly and the communities around them.
“Al Khaliji has proven its unrelenting drive to constantly serve, improve and grow its community across all its segments and facets. I would like to thank Al Khaliji, on behalf of our centre and beneficiaries, for their support and partnership as we multiply our efforts in serving the elderly in Qatar and ensuring that they are duly honoured and recognised by their society and community. We are confident in that this is one of many partnerships to come with Al Khaliji.”
Al Khaliji has an ongoing commitment to CSR at the centre of which is the cornerstone value of human development within the community, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030’s developmental pillars, the bank has said in a statement.
The bank has lent its support to a wide range of non-profit organisations and charitable activities.