The 10th edition of the Al Khor air show officially began at the Al Khor Airport yesterday, the event will run for 2 days. The event has been popular among aviation industry organisations as well as flying schools for past so many years as they seek to showcase their curriculum and the latest trends in the industry, thereby seeking to catch the attention of the youth of the country, many of whom actually go on to pursue a career in aviation.

The event acts as a first contact for many children and young people with the aviation industry and as such the event peeks the interest of the young minds and set them upon a certain career pathway, which is not only good for them but also for the country’s economy in the larger run.

One such organisation that encourages youth to pursue hobbies and look at aviation as a career pathway is the Qatar R/C Sports Centre, the organisation functions under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

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“We believe we are in the process of planting the seeds of knowledge in the cognate fields of mechanical engineering and flying as we deal with the specific section of aviation and radio controlled (RC) technology, by exposing the young population to this knowledge they will be prepared for the next step, which would essentially be a career in aviation and we believe that will be our contribution to the country’s National Vision 2030”, says Amir el-Haddad, the Events and Communications Manager of Qatar R/C Sport Centre.

“We also organise lectures and mini training courses at several schools and youth centres across the country and these institutions are also invited to the airfield for a practical experience”, El-Haddad added.

“A growing number of people in Qatar, both expats as well as Qataris, are showing an interest in skydiving”, Sheikh Abdulaziz Ahmed al-Thani, a member of the Qatar Air Sport Committee said on the side-lines of the event.

“Our air sports team has earned good repute for itself globally and our team right now is pretty robust and plans are being charted out to include skydiving in this year’s Qatar National Sport Day”, he added.

The number of skydiving exhibitions has already been increased to four for this year’s fly-in by the Qatar Air Sport Committee and plans are to include even more activities from next year, he stated.