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From the very first moments of the initiation of the design of Al Rayyan Stadium, sustainability has been one of the key components of its components; 80% of the building materials were reused and recycled on the old stadium site, and after the tournament, the Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium will become the new home of Al Rayyan Sports Club.
A group of photos published by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy revealed the extent of the near completion of all final touches on this World Cup facility, whose readiness will be announced during the coming period.
The stadium draws its characteristics from the Al-Rayyan region that embraces it, which is characterized by a geographical location adjacent to the desert, which makes it more keen to preserve nature and its resources, which have always gained great importance in the lives of the people of the region, which contributed to enhancing the use of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy of building materials and environmentally friendly practices in Construction of the new Al Rayyan stadium.
The Supreme Committee took care to ensure that any additional materials required for the construction process were carefully selected in view of the quality of their environmental properties and their potential for use in lightweight building designs.
The works also witnessed the establishment of special measures for the efficiency of the use of electricity and water before the strategy of reducing the carbon footprint of the stadium was further strengthened, while linking it to the metro station.
The area surrounding Al-Rayyan stadium will enjoy walking and cycling paths, as well as 125,000 square meters of green areas that host endemic plants that do not consume much irrigation water and be a pleasure for the onlookers.
And when Al Rayyan Stadium hosts its first match in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, world football fans will arrive via the environmentally friendly metro system to the sustainable stadium in an exceptional and historic experience.