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After years that witnessed many transformations in the turbulent Arab region, and the return of the military regimes to the harbingers of normalization with the Assad regime again, specifically by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who spared no effort in overcoming the obstacles to Damascus returning to the Arab League, and supporting Bashar internationally and regionally.

As it was reported that Abbas Kamel, head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Service, Sisi’s striking arm and the password in charge of the file of support for Bashar al-Assad, began his quest in the Arab domain to bring Syria back into the Arab League again, which is a strategic goal of the Bashar regime through which it seeks to win other regional partners, And finally removing the Arabs from the Syrian crisis is in his favor.

Confronting Erdogan

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As an attempt to mix oil with water, the attempt of the head of the Egyptian intelligence service, Abbas Kamel, seems difficult to reintegrate Syria once again, within the Arab League, which suffers from severe problems in the recent period, especially after the UAE and Bahrain signed an agreement with Israel, which caused great tension between the Member States. 

On October 21, 2020, French intelligence reports confirmed that the head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Service, Abbas Kamel, assumed responsibility for the Syrian file, in addition to the already crowded Libyan agenda.

The reports added that Abbas Kamel has worked in recent weeks to urge Egyptian diplomats in the Arab League to use their influence to promote the process of reintegrating Syria into the Arab fold, and to form a Syrian-Egyptian alliance against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who Cairo is trying to limit his power in the Arab region and hit Any presence of Turkey in the Middle East.

This initiative came on the heels of a memorandum issued by Kamel at the end of July 2020, stating the need to strengthen relations between Egypt and Syria, a potential ally in facing the hostility of Ankara, the common enemy of Assad and Sisi.

Egyptian quality weapons for Syria Syrian
reports originating from close to the Syrian regime confirmed that Egypt agreed to a request from Damascus to finance the Syrian army with a qualitative Egyptian weapon, which Cairo supplies to Damascus to counter any Turkish intervention.

The sources confirm that the Egyptian side, through the head of the intelligence service, Abbas Kamel, expressed Egypt’s approval to supply shipments of quality weapons to Syria in the coming months, as they are accompanied by a number of Egyptian engineers and experts who will supervise the deployment and positioning of weapons in northern Syria to form a strong arm of Sisi on the Turkish border. .

The Egyptian political approach to supporting Assad along diplomatic and intelligence lines has not stopped since Sisi rose to power in the Federal Palace in Cairo. the lion)”.

And in March 2015, during the Arab summit in the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh, the flag of the Syrian regime was put back on their vacant seat, in a move that canceled the opposition’s eligibility for the Arab League seat, after it received it in 2013.

That step, led by Sisi, came in line with the positions of Iraq, Algeria, the Sultanate of Oman and Lebanon, who had refused from the outset to cancel the membership of the Syrian regime in the Arab League, after which the positions supporting the Assad regime followed.

Experts believe that Sisi is one of the few Arab leaders who did not hide their clear support for Damascus, whose membership has been suspended by the Arab League since 2011, and Egypt had restored relations with Syria after the coup against Morsi, who cut them off and took a hard line against the Syrian regime.